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"What if I gave you an Internet Niche website, products, advertisements, and resources that you can use to immediately create a valuable Internet business - would you be raring to go?"

How about five niche websites
you can use today?

From the Desk of Brian Kindsvater
Tuesday, 3:17 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Not making enough money? Are you tired of being told that the secret to success is *simply* finding a niche that that is in demand and which has little competition, but not being told what the niche is?

If you, too, wish to make money using the Internet working from your home computer, then I will show you all the ammunition you need!

niche marketing
  • Internet Niches - Profitable websites you can quickly use

  • What keywords people are searching for

  • How to do a competitive bidding analysis

  • Benefits to promote

  • Ready to go affiliate products

  • Pre-researched commission details

  • Sample advertising

  • and much, much more …

Get your share of exploding Internet sales. Millions of consumers and businesses shop online, and millions more join them every year. They want to spend their money and are already spending billions of dollars. A report from Goldman, Sachs & Co., Harris Interactive®, and Nielsen/NetRatings revealed that online shoppers spent $13 billion just last Christmas holiday season, an increase of 46 percent over last year.

$13,000,000,000 in 2 months!
and this did not include travel.

So why is it so hard to find real, factual information about niches instead of vague philosophical stories about how someone else became rich?

How many articles have you read? How many ezines have you subscribed to? How many free email mini-courses have you picked up? And how many ebooks have you bought? And afterwards, you still looked for more because none of them provided real information that you could immediately put to use.

I'm not saying these materials are worthless. They're not, and each probably contained valuable information. But you don't want to only be told that you can easily be independently wealthy by targeting profitable niches. You want those money making niches!

There are two common questions:
1. What should I sell?

2. Where do I find products to sell?
The typical "guru" will then tell you to do some soul searching, evaluate your hobbies, and if you follow your passion and interests the money will follow. But that is not an answer to your question. That only tells you that you are more likely to spend more time developing a content website or popular ezine if it involves something you enjoy and know something about.

Of course, what you are most interested in is making money. If selling a glow in the dark yo-yo will make you a million bucks, isn't that going to ignite your passion and be your interest and your new hobby?

I subscribed to one of those many free by email 'secret information' courses. You know what I am talking about. Where you fork over your email address, hope you won't get spammed, and during the next 7 days you receive an email a day with all the secrets you ever need to know about getting richer than Bill Gates in the next six months. And each day you learn nothing, and wonder why you have to wait another day to get the next message.

One email I received disclosed the simple secret to making hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I quote:
1. Find a niche.

2. Find out what they are buying.

3. Sell it to them.
What genius! I bet you never in a million years would have guessed that one. Let me simplify it even more for you.

Find out what people want to buy and sell it to them.

There you go, the bottom-line secret to your fortune. Please remember me in your will. (You can also reduce your soon to be sizeable taxable estate tax-free by sending me a gift of 10k per year, and always remember to first talk to your tax advisor.) But you have additional questions:

  • How do I find a niche?

  • How do I make a niche profitable?

  • What do I sell?

  • How do I evaluate if my system is making money?

You are not told any of this. Maybe the helpful guru will tell you that to find a niche all you have to do is look around. Yes that pencil you are nervously chewing on while your life hangs in the balance waiting to read the words of wisdom of how to make a ton of money - is itself a niche.

There are companies that make a fortune selling pencils. Wouldn't it be nice if instead of being told to look around, or to follow your hobbies, you were told that (1) pencils is a niche, (2) here are the related keywords that people are searching for, (3) here is a ready-to-go website for the niche that you can download and profit from today, that (4) there are companies selling pencils with affiliate programs and this is who they are and how you can sign up for their programs, and (5) here are the commissions they pay. Additionally, (6) here are the benefits to promote and (7) here are some sample advertising ideas.

Whew! Isn't that what you really want?

That is what you get with Niche X.

But, let me tell you something else. What you do and what you accomplish with this information is up to you, and the same is true for making money on the Internet or in any business venture. No one is going to give you a million dollars, or everything on a silver platter and guarantee that you will make a fortune, or guarantee that you will make anything. They can't, and anyone giving you that hype should be avoided. You need to be motivated. You need to take action. You need to implement the opportunities, niche, marketing and business information that is given to you. If you are trying hard without getting any results, send me an email with your website, and I will try and provide helpful advice. In the meantime, I will help you identify ...

What people want to buy and what to sell them.

On the other hand, you could always follow your hobby -- but watching Survivor is probably not going to put much money in your bank account.

You could spend months researching possible niches, affiliate programs, and trying to develop a website. Or you could get it all from Niche X.

Quickly Get a Niche

What do you need? First, you need a niche. I will show those to you. Not just one, but five every month. From time to time there will also be bonuses and additional niches to obtain. You are guaranteed to get 5 overlooked niches each month. It couldn't be simpler.

Get Real Websites - Where Else Does Someone Give You a Website?

What good is a niche if no one is searching for it? None. These niches are being searched for. In fact you will a pre-made website with built-in keywords that people are actually searching for. You can plug-in your Google Adsense ID and immediately have a website that you can profit from. Got it? Step 1 - download website, Step 2 - unzip website, Step 3 - plug in your Google Adsense ID, Step 4 - transfer website to the web, Step 5 - make money. (well, o.k., the ongoing Step 6 is that you will also obviously need to generate traffic to your website.)

Get the Products that People Want

You can easily add a second revenue stream (Google Adsense is the first stream) by adding affiliate links. Affiliate products have already been researched and identified for you. You will receive the identity of merchants with affiliate programs, and their commission amounts so you know ahead of time what they are paying.

No need to waste time trying to find something to sell. It is all shown to you. The products that are available and how much you can make selling them.

Identify Benefits that Attract Purchasers

Need help making sure that you connect the products to the people who want to buy them? As part of the Niche Analysis you get a description of benefits potential customers are looking for. But even better ...

Pre-Made Advertising Samples

Keyword advertisements and advertising headlines have been pre-made for you. Target the benefits people want. Get creative ideas for attracting people to your ad. And these simple headlines can easily be modified for the type of advertising you choose to use.

What people want to buy and what to sell them.

So what is it going to cost to get these prepared niches, product information, and advertising?

Before getting to the price, I don't want to forget one of my favorite selling techniques used by many "gurus" that is as phony as a three-dollar bill. And that's the make believe value of bonus items and fake deadlines.

Some want you to believe that you will receive thousands of dollars worth of bonus items, no wait, today only tens of thousands of dollars worth of bonus items, that will increase your sales 317.28 percent, for the low price of $495, no make that today only just $97!

But if you check back again next week you will see the same ad with the same 'today only' bonuses and prices. There is also the same JavaScript pulling into the web page the current date or a date two days from today that creates the false deadline.

And the value of the bonus items - just some made up number that no one has ever paid. Don't get me wrong, bonuses can be extremely valuable, but if someone is using fake prices you have to wonder about the product.

Lets face it, if this trickery is being used to get you to buy, can you really trust what is being offered?

Here at the Niche X the bonuses have real value and use to you, and not some made-up inflated amount.

Bonus #1 - Ready to Go Spreadsheets with Return on Investment Formulas

Know if you are making a profit or not, and track your results. How many times have you been told that it is necessary to test, test, and test some more to know what works and does not. But how do you keep track of that? Gurus tell you to test, but do not provide their secret tools!

This secret is now revealed to you. You get Microsoft Excel spreadsheets so all you have to do is plug-in your information, to whatever degree of analysis you want, and you can finally keep track of what affiliate programs are profitable, what keywords are most profitable, and what types of ads are most profitable.

Let me repeat this. All you have to do is plug-in your own results to find out how profitable a merchant, a targeted benefit, or an advertisement is.

Have you ever been offered a spreadsheet with already established calculations? Probably not. You may have gotten a PDF file that tells you how important it is to test your results. And how important it is to understand revenue versus advertising cost so you know how much you can bid for keywords. But it was up to you to guess how to do this yourself.

Now you can have your own expert spreadsheet with the calculations ready for you to use.

Not Have Microsoft Excel?
Open Office is free and fully compatible.
Mozilla Quest offers a useful article comparing Open Office suite to Microsoft Office.
Star Office is inexpensive and also fully compatible.

Bonus #2 - Ultimate Resource Center

The Niche X Resource Center includes links to over 125 necessary and useful tools, articles and information, most of them free.

More links and tools are added all the time. Here is a portion of the directory:

  • Niche Marketing

  • Locate Keywords

  • The ultimate resource for identifying keywords and how popular the keywords are.

  • Shows word search counts for Overture and WordTracker side by side.

  • See how many times a keyword has been searched for in Overture and other search engines.

  • Identify related keywords, how many searches, numbers in search engines, and most popular web pages for keyword.

  • Google Adwords Keyword Suggestions

  • Locate common misspellings during word searches.

  • Locate Niche Newsletters, Magazines and Newspapers

  • Direct Mailing List Source and SRDS Publications

  • Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters and the Standard Periodical Directory

  • Affiliate Networks

  • General Marketing

  • General Marketing Articles

  • How To Uncover Hidden, Profitable Niches in 3 Easy Steps

  • Secret of Happiness in Life and Business

  • Recommended Marketing Books

  • Website Creation

  • Find a Domain Name

  • Locate Valuable Expired and Soon to Expire Domain Names

  • Generate Domain Names

  • Website Templates

  • Broken Link Checkers

  • Add multimedia sound and video to your ebooks.

  • Comparison Reviews of over 25 AutoResponders

  • Custom Error Page Code Generator

  • Server Side Includes

  • Pop Ups

  • HTML Validation

  • Graphics Creation

  • Create Banners

  • Create Buttons

  • eBooks

  • eBook Compilers

  • eBook Covers

  • PDF Files - Create for Free

  • Convert to and from PDF

  • Convert text to PDF

  • PDF Files - Create Customizable Affiliate Links

  • Free eBooks

  • Publicity

  • Article Submissions

  • eZine Articles

  • Ezine Announcer

  • eZine Directories

  • Press Release Distribution

  • Directory of Media Listing Sites

  • Generate Website Traffic

  • Keyword Density Analyzer

  • Keyword Counter

  • Quickly Identify Yahoo WebRank Popularity for Any Website

  • Linking Strategies

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Top 10 Keyword Analyzer

  • Search Engine Simulator

  • Google Simulator

  • Google Monitor

  • Quickly see how your website ranks for a keyword phrase in major search engines.

  • eMail Safe Lists

  • Pay Per Click

  • Manage Bids

  • PPC Search Engine Directory

  • Profit from Website Traffic

  • Google Adsense

  • Identify Adsense Advertisers for Keywords

  • Block Certain People From Accessing Your Website

  • BookMark Maker

  • Reduce Image Sizes

  • Image Optimizer

  • Web Safe Color Chart

  • Link Tracking

  • Useful Forums

  • General Selection of Website Scripts

  • Creating Customer Trust

What people want to buy and what to sell them

Now, what is this going to cost, to receive:
==> Pre-made websites
==> Valuable Internet Niches
==> What people are searching for
==> Benefits to promote
==> Ready to go affiliate products
==> Pre-researched commission details
==> Sample advertising
==> Prepared spreadsheet formulas
==> Extensive Resource Center
Only $27 per month. That's right. The cost is absolutely guaranteed to be less than what it would cost you to try and do this yourself. Even if you paid yourself a bare minimum wage it would likely cost you hundreds of dollars to locate and prepare this information.

And hiring someone else to develop this information? Forget it. That will most certainly cost thousands of dollars.

And you can have it all in 5 minutes!

That is the power of the Internet. Using the Internet, information can be distributed and provided more affordably than through other methods, and those savings are passed to you through value pricing.

You Need to Act Before the Niches Disappear

Earlier I mentioned how JavaScript can be used in web pages to create fake deadlines that *you must order by*. The script merely automatically displays a date, say 2 days from now, before a price *might* increase. Again, why buy from someone trying to fool with the facts?

Niche X is different. If you don't quickly become a member you will lose out. Here's why.

Each month you get 5 Niches and everything associated with those niches - the websites, affiliate analysis, advertising, etc.

The next month they are GONE. That's right, GONE.

And you cannot get them from one of our customers. As a member, you agree to a nondisclosure agreement that prevents you from leaking information to others.

Lets say you are reading this in July and think, hmmm, if I wait until September to pay my $27 then I will get access to 15 niches (July, August, and September.) Nope. It doesn't work that way.

Each month Niche X only lists 5 Niches, and each month they change. There is no archive. If you don't subscribe, you may miss out on the niche product you could retire on!

In the future some niches may be repackaged and offered as bonuses or be provided in another format, but once this month is up they are essentially gone.

Free Sample

Here is a Free Sample of what you will receive, an actual niche available this month:
Website [ opens in new window ]
Note: One of our members recently made some comments about the sample websites, saying they are basic but fairly complete, and that if you have some HTML knowledge you can jazz them up. Why? It turns out the member is a kid in college with only about two years marketing experience, and he had only been a member for a few days. Here is a little secret that only those bothering to take the time to read this page will discover. These websites are not intended to sell products. They are intended to make you money from Google Adsense. There are also web links that you easily modify, add or delete - to insert links and descriptions for affiliate programs you sign up with and additionally profit from. And, yes there is still more. You will notice that the directory list of links is a list of keywords for the niche. Keywords you can use for pay per click ads or for other topic-related web pages that you create.

But here is the kicker. I have Adsense ads on numerous websites in different formats. Google's terms of use for its Adsense program prohibit me from disclosing actual click-through rates and income generated from Adsense ads. I can generally say that the different formats I test have click-through rates ranging from 3 to around 20%. Yes, you read that right, 20%. If you have a website generating at least a 5% click rate you should be profitably happy. What if it hit the 10-15% or even 20% range - what would that do for your pocketbook? These are not 'basic' websites. Do not be fooled by appearances. The only thing that matters is whether they make money.

Ask yourself this question: Would you rather have a jazzed up website, or a basic website that makes twice as much money?

Actually, that was a trick question. The correct answer is that you should take a basic website and develop some statistical history to find out how much money you are making from it. Then jazz it up and develop the same information. Whichever does best is your 'control.' Scrap the loser. Take the winner and see if you can make it even better. If you develop your own format that beats the control then that becomes your new format for general use. The 'basic' format provided in NicheX may change over time as I continue to test. If you jazz up a site and beat my click-through rates, good for you. Until then, use what works for others.

Of course, I must add per the income disclaimer that you might not receive any clicks or make any money. Obviously, you also need traffic, and that is very important.
Website in zipped format available for download [members only]

Informational Product to Sell [partial only - members receive complete text]
Note: Each month 5 niches will be reviewed and sample websites will be provided, in addition to the Niche Profiles. There will not always be a separate informational product that you can sell for each niche. Some niches you will need to create your own product, or profit from the affiliate programs that are provided, or make money from Google Adsense.
Niche Profile
Has this free sample and analysis been useful and instructive? There is a lot more available in NicheX, and after March 1, 2005, members are going to have free access to dozens of additional tips, analysis, marketing secrets, software programs, articles, and helpful information that is not listed on this page.

What people want to buy and what to sell them

Someone once said that there are 3 types of people:
1. Those who make things happen.

2. Those who watch things happen.

3. Those who wonder what happened.
This is your opportunity to make sure you are the first type - Secure Your Membership Today.

Click Here to Become a Member Now

Membership is safely made with a Secure Server. You can pay by credit card or online check. And you will be selecting your own username and password (there are no computer generated access codes you will never remember). There is no confirmation email to wait for. You get your information now.

To Your Success,
niche marketing  


P.S. Remember - Your ready to go niches, websites, and prepared advertising is only available for a limited time. When its gone you may never get the same opportunity again. And as you probably know by now if you have read this whole page, Niche X is a unique opportunity not offered anywhere else.

P.P.S. - There are secret bonuses available for members. You have to subscribe to find out.

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